Application Modernization Service

Platform Modernization

Microsoft Technologies supported:

  1. VB to VB.NET
  2. VB to WPF
  3. ASP to ASPX

We Guarantee!

  1. Risk-free modernization and migration
  2. Fastest code rewrite in the industry

Platform Modernization Process

Process Highlights!

  1. POC to mitigate business continuity risk .
  2. 70% automatic code conversion resulting in fastest code rewrite

Migration to Cloud

Our Cloud migration service lets you migrate applications with little or no code modifications so you can quickly and seamlessly take advantage of the scalability, cost savings and flexibility of cloud computing..

Our Cloud Services Include

  1. Cloud Strategy & Planning Advisory
  2. IAAS Management
  3. PAAS Management
  4. New application development

Cloud Migration Process

Process Highlights!

  1. Risk-free application and data migration to cloud
  2. Application availability and performance guarantee on cloud

Mobile Enablement Service

We develop custom mobile business applications. We have designed mobile and clod based application for Yahoo, Dell, Willis and may other top tier brands. Our mobile applications are used by more than 2 Million Employees worldwide..

Application Development Process

Process Highlights!

  1. Rapid move to mobile
  2. Uniform user experience across all operating systems and devices

Mobile Devices and OS supported

  1. phone & Ipad application development
  2. Android application development
  3. Windows Mobile development
  4. Blackberry application development